Motorcycle Safety in Orange County, California

April 11, 2013,

Do you, or someone you know ride a motorcycle or like to go off-roading on a dirt bike? There are lots of places around Orange County to ride a dirt bike. If your teenager is interested in learning, how can you ensure your son or daughter's safety? You can teach him or her yourself, or find someone, let them wing it, or enslist a professional. Most people have heard of driver training coarses for their teenager, but have you ever considered dirt bike school or motorcycle training?

981510_boy_jumping_ramps_on_bike-2.jpgMotorcycle injuries and deaths due to motorcycle accidents continue to be a problem in California and Orange County. Accidents happen every day. One thing you can do, is try to educate your teen or yourself when learning to ride. There are options available to you - one is an organization called The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF). It is internationally recognized as a developer of the Rider Education and training System and MSF actively participates in safety research and public awareness campaigns.

Key Messages:
Get trained and licensed
Wear protective gear -- all the gear, all the time -- including a helmet manufactured to the standards set by the DOT
Ride unimpaired by alcohol or other drugs
Ride within your own skill limits
Be a lifelong learner by taking refresher rider courses

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation offer videos for riders on motorist awareness, on off-roading, and general motorcycling. MSF also publish quick tips hand-outs on riding riding, group riding, riding safety, etc. MSF advocates a safter riding envionment in their mission statement: To make motorcycling safer and more enjoyable by ensuring access to lifelong quality education and training for current and prospective riders, and by advocating a safer riding environment. Organizations like this want to prevent people from getting injured - no one wants to try to enjoy a ride and end up in the hospital with serious injuries from a motorcycle crash.

If you, or someone you know, has been injured in a motorcylce accident, please do not hesitate to contact the Law Offices of Cohn & Swartzon. The costs to the victims of these accidents is almost always larger than they could possibly have anticipated, and typically more than they can afford. These costs tend to add up very rapidly. Moreover, those costs tend to add up as a result of incurred current and future medical bills, the loss of current and future wages or wages sources, and other accident-related expenses. At Cohn & Swartzon we are dedicated to helping you obtain just compensation for these losses and to aiding you in ensuring that these costs do not impose an unsustainable financial burden on you or your family.

Moreover, as experienced personal injury attorneys, we at Cohn & Swartzon will interface, on your behalf, with the all of the insurance companies that are involved. Insurance companies often have their own expert attorneys representing them whose goal it is to do everything in their power to lower the settlement amount given to the victim, which lowers their company costs. As a result, they typically try to offer victims an amount that is far less than what he or she is due. Those victims that accept a lesser amount than what they are owed are then left without the medical care coverage they need down the road. Personal injuries are typically very costly for victims. By consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney, you can protect yourself and your family from being left with this additional financial burden.

We at Cohn & Swartzon are dedicated to helping you obtain adequate compensation for your losses, and sparing your family the economic burden associated with the costs of motorcycle or drunk-driving related accidents. As your personal injury attorney, we will fight on your behalf to make sure they own up to that responsibility and provide you with just compensation for your losses. Contact us for a free consultation today.

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