18 Year Old Drunk Driver From Orange County Kills 5 People in Las Vegas

April 29, 2013,

Drunk driving automobile accidents often end in tragedy -- critical injuries or death. A recent story in Las Vegas is particular disheartening. Earlier this month an 18 year old drunk driver was accused in an incident that left five people dead, authorities said.

la-me-ln-nevada-fatal-crash-20130402-001.jpegAccording to the Los Angeles Times, a young man born in Mission Viejo but residing in San Juan Capistrano, rear-ended a van carrying seven people about 3 a.m. The impact caused the van to spin out and flip. The 7 people in the van were traveling back from Colorado where they had been visiting their dying father. The report noted that several Southern California families were devastated after this crash, but doesn't say what city they were from.

The 18 year old was booked on seven counts of suspicion of drunk driving. He killed five people and two others were severely injured. Three of the people who died were all brothers. The victims' ages ranged from 13 to 53. Nevada Highway Parol found beer bottles inside his Durango. He also was driving without a license.

Not only had family members and friends had to be notified of this deadly accident, but the dying father in Colorado whom the three brothers had just visited had to be told of his sons' deaths. That is unimaginable, how that man must have felt upon receiving that horrible news. It is the type of devastation that a parent would never get over. I'm sure everyone who knows them and people in their community are keeping the victims and their families in their thoughts and prayers during this tragedy.

Drunk driving claims many lives in California and the United States. These DUI accidents are senseless and preventable by just not drinking and driving. Many organizations are devoted to education about DUI's and there is a lot of focus on teaching young drivers about the dangers of drinking and getting behind the wheel. The 18 year old in this report, while intoxicated, lost control of his car and caused a deadly accident. He is being held in a Detention Center in Las Vegas on $3.5 million bail.

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