Defective Hip Implants Leave Consumers Open to Tremendous Risk

April 5, 2012,

We have written in the past about the risks, hazards, and defects associated with metal hip implants. There have been several recalls of metal hip implants produced by some of the most reputable companies around. Johnson & Johnson's DePuy ASR implants were no exception. The onslaught of problems is the primary reason for Johnson & Johnson's phasing out of their DePuy ASR implants. It should be noted by consumers that the phase-out process allows a manufacturer to retire a device gracefully, despite the fact that a full-blown hip implant recall is warranted in this case. depuy_hip_implant-300x288.jpg

The problems with these metal hip implants, discovered by many surgeons, could have been found and corrected had the adequate pre-market studies and regulation been implemented. If Johnson & Johnson had done the required due-diligence, there would be a lot fewer people with hip implant problems. In 2009, the FDA told Johnson & Johnson that it was rejecting the DePuy ASR hip resurfacing system. The letter further cautioned Johnson & Johnson that all of the DePuy metal-on-metal implants were potentially dangerous because of metal poisoning problems. Despite this warning, these implants are still being implanted into patients.

As a personal injury attorney, I have seen numerous cases in which a consumer product manufactured and issued by a reputable company like Johnson & Johnson ends up endangering the consumer. When a company produces a product and places it on the marketplace for open consumption, that company is responsible for ensuring that its product provides adequate safety to consumers. And when a company's product is defective, like these metal hip implants, they are responsible for the side-effects of its safety hazards as well.

For victims of defective all-metal hip replacement devices, the costs associated with their injuries can be outrageous. Between medical bills which never seem to end, and the loss of current and future wages due to injury-related debilitation, victims will need some assistance. They would be greatly benefited by the knowledge and experience of a personal injury attorney who can help guide them through the process of obtaining just compensation for their truly unjust experience.

If you or a loved one have been the victim of personal injuries associated with the malfunction of an all-metal hip replacement, or any other consumer product, please do not hesitate to contact the Law Offices of Cohn & Swartzon. The injuries sustained through the use of defective products can cause victims a great deal of pain and suffering both physically and financially. The financial burden of medical bills coupled with the inability to work can make an already horrifying situation even worse. It is only right that victims in these circumstances be compensated for their less-than-ideal experiences. Likewise, if you have sustained similar injuries, as experienced personal injury attorneys we will fight for just compensation on your behalf and ensure that your already terrible situation is not made worse by the probability of undue financial burden. Contact our firm today for a free consultation.

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