Pay Attention to "Innocuous" Headaches: High School Football Player's Concussion Leaves Him Permanently Disabled

March 30, 2012,

Scott Eveland, a linebacker for Mission Hills High School's football team just settled his lawsuit with both the helmet manufacturer Riddell and the San Marcos Unified School District for approximately $4.9 million. Evelan filed suit in 2007 following a game in which he sustained a traumatic brain injury. According Eveland, he went to the football team's trainer back in 2007 and complained that he had a bad headache and was having trouble focusing his eyes. He asked the trainer if he could stay on the bench for the remainder of the game. The trainer took the complaint to Chris Hauser, the head coach. Hauser required Eveland to play. As a result, Eveland ended up collapsing from a brain bleed while on the field. The former player is now severely and permanently disabled, according to his mother, Diane Luth. Though his mind is still sharp, he has problems speaking and is only able to answer questions by typing on a keyboard. football-helmet.jpg

This is not the first time an amateur or professional football player has accused the sports equipment manufacturer Riddell of making helmets that fail to do the job of properly protecting athletes during games. There have been other lawsuits filed by professional football players that accuse Riddell and the National Football League of negligence. Moreover, many athletes claim that they were never told that sustaining concussions while playing football might later leave them with permanent brain damage, other related impairments, and even cause death.

It is vital for athletes, coaches, trainers, doctors, and parents to be aware of the signs and symptoms of concussions. We know this to be especially true given that doctors and other professionals often refer to concussions as the "silent injury". The reason for this moniker is that there are oftentimes no visible signs of brain abnormality. This is the most dangerous feature of an injury like a concussion because the fact that there are no visible signs of abnormality leaves athletes, and children in general, exposed to the possibility of a second injury. This is especially problematic because according to University of Melbourne professor Dr. Darby, "a second injury following a concussion can lead to a catastrophic decline in brain function due to the swelling in the brain". In other words, undetected concussions or concussions that are not immediately treated can lead to traumatic brain injuries for the individual who sustained the concussion.

If your son or daughter ultimately sustains these types of subtle brain injuries throughout the course of play, please do not hesitate to contact the Law Offices of Cohn & Swartzon. As part of our free consultation we will help to discern whether or not there was negligence that places responsibility on any of the parties involved. Brain injuries can be extremely costly to treat. Between an endless amount of hospital visits and the unfortunate loss of current and future wages of parents and children alike, the medical costs will pile up much more quickly than most people would imagine. Without an experienced personal injury attorney, you will likely get an insufficient settlement, which will leave you with medical and other costs which you are financially unable to pay. As Orange County personal injury attorneys we can help you obtain just compensation for your suffering. Don't let the financial burden of a sports-related injury put your family in financial jeopardy. Call our offices today.

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